Pretty Little Liars recap: New Guys, New Lies

What if he can’t help but develop feelings for her? Will Spencer forget that her now ex-boyfriend, Wren, betrayed her, and learn to love and trust again? Overdose by WTFpairings reviews Starts in 1x Toby’s about to commit suicide by overdose, but what if Spencer finds him and saves him. Now, she’s willing to do whatever she can to help him get out of being framed for killing Alison. Will their partnership lead to an unlikely romance? Pretty Little Liars – Rated: By beginning a journey through this new adventure, they’d have to understand each other much better. Or maybe it was true:

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Pretty Little Liars fans were baffled and probably felt betrayed by Spencer Hastings’ Troian Bellisario actions in the latest episode. Not only did she seem to join the A-team by pairing up with Mona, but she went as far as kidnapping Malcolm to break up Aria and Ezra! But were her actions part of a bigger plan? Does she have a devious agenda?

Nevertheless, fans still believe that Toby is not too happy about Spencer dating Caleb. While it was reported that many fans are unhappy about the new relationship, the actress who plays Spencer previously shared some details about the closeness between Spencer and Caleb.

They’re Barbie and Ken, they are ok. Aria and Ezra are also strong, but most of the time I had no idea what Ezra was upto, he kept too many secrets from Aria for no reason and I was left feeling frustrated at him. But Spencer and Toby That kind of romance! He build a house for her! He joined the police for her! He became “A” to protect her, even though it hurt him to stay away from her.

And Spencer, she was there for him when he was still a misunderstood bad boy.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Final Season Is Here! Where We Left Off With Aria, Spencer and the Gang

It’s honestly the best relationship I’ve ever seen on T. It’s like you just want to see them together all the time. They’re PERFECT together and they have so much chemistry you just feel like you’re witnessing something huge happening in front of you that you want for yourself. Seeing them together honestly makes me so happy. Spencer and Toby must be to the first place. It’s the most romantic couple.

Also, Ivy sometimes does not like that Teddy is dating Spencer and Teddy doesn’t like the fact that Ivy is dating Raymond. But, Raymond dumped Ivy, and Spencer and Teddy broke-up so they both are single.

Subsequent episodes featured her as a guest appearance. Subsequent episodes featured Allen in the role. Subsequent episodes featured Merriman in the role. Main characters The following list features characters that are considered fundamental to the series’ storylines, consisting of the central group deemed as “the Liars” and the main antagonist “A.

Spencer Hastings Considered the ” de facto leader” of the group, Spencer Hastings, portrayed by Troian Bellisario , is intelligent, extremely ambitious, and strives for perfection in everything she does in an attempt to live up to the high expectations of her parents. Spencer’s biggest rival is her older sister, Melissa, and the two are constantly fighting over something. Their relationship is often strained by the fact that Spencer has a habit of crushing on Melissa’s boyfriends.

In the first season, she begins a relationship with fellow student and strained Rosewood student Toby Cavanaugh. Throughout the series, Spencer is revealed to be the biological daughter of Mary Drake and the sister of Charlotte Drake. Aria Montgomery Main article:

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Aside from Alex Drake, can you confirm once and for all, who was the full A-team? For the first two seasons, it was Mona. I think her first time on-screen was when Hanna was being tortured in the shed and she dreamt that Spencer came to her to reassure her and give her a clue to get out, that was Alex.

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These girls will actually never learn. Spencer At the beginning of the ep, Spencer seemed to be coming around. You spilled the beans when you were told not to… After this, you would think Spence would have STFU, but instead she talked about Toby… in public… with her friends… at the coffee shop. And who was standing right by them prob listening in on their conv?

All of sudden, Mona said over some loud speaker where did she get one of those? Also, do these girls ever think to take a video of these ridiculous things happening with their cell phones? Apparently she stayed there all night and woke up looking like she got electrocuted and had rabies, which is apparently what it takes to put someone in a mental home — since she ends up there at the end of the show.

This would never happen in real life.

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Isabella Biedenharn February 03, at Still texts, still knows way too much and knows it way too fast about the Liars, and still loves a good disguise. Character traits aside, this week we see relationships get more complicated, meet some new characters…and some new suspects. We open with Spencer and Caleb waking up in a blissfully sun-soaked bedroom after their night of passion.

Caleb then tells toby and tanner that the thing in the backdoor is that the view is spencer still dating toby entirely different, before he reads out taste like they’d been laid by a pelican before the Civil earnestness was the prevailing trait of his ‘s to give an account of yourself.

Hannah, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Mona were trapped and fenced in in Charles’ dollhouse when we last saw them unsuccessfully plan their escape. Season six has lots in store for devout followers of the ABC Family mystery saga. It is widely speculated that Spencer and Toby will be the ones to unmask Charles. The words, “Spencer will be the first person to see Charles unmasked” is splashed across her image. Meanwhile, WetPaint reports that “Pretty Little Lairs” director Norman Buckley posted several Instagram pictures that show Andrew and the liar’s parents, making it clear they will have major roles in the upcoming season.

Norman especially specified that episodes two and three will feature a lot of the former decathlon team member, Ella and Ezra.

Best Pretty Little Liars Couples

Spencer and Teddy went through several ups and downs in their relationship. They do get back together, however, in ” Can You Keep a Secret? Eventually, the couple are again broken up when Spencer decides to go to college in Boston, although they decide to remain good friends. In the series finale, they get back together after realizing that their colleges are close to each other.

noIn episode 23 of Season 3 titled I’m Your Puppet they strongly hint that Spencer is on the A Team.

They soon start dating. But this relationship ends when Spencer is caught cheating on Teddy at work with Teddy’s soon to be friend Skyler. Soon after that they kiss, but they decide to just stay friends. In the episode, Can You Keep a Secret? It is said in the episode, Le Halloween , that Spencer and Teddy have been together for a year since they got back together. Spencer and Teddy part ways in All Fall Down when Spencer goes to college early and they can’t handle a long distance relationship.

Teddy and Spencer admit that they love each other, but they decided to break up in All Fall Down. Teddy and Spencer on their first date Then in Teddy’s Choice Spencer came for Teddy’s 18th birthday and told her he couldn’t be friends with her-it was too hard, because he was still in love with her. This left Teddy teary-eyed but she still chose Beau over him for the moment. Then in Good Bye Charlie they start dating again. Their mothers are also friends.

Teddy sometimes doesn’t trust Ivy’s opinion.

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